Comedy Stars Celebrate 'For a Good Time Call…' at New York Screening

For a Good Time Call NYC Screening - H 2012

For a Good Time Call NYC Screening - H 2012

Focus Features' female-driven phone sex comedy brought Ari Graynor, Lauren Anne Miller, Seth Rogen, Elisabeth Moss, Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig and Jonah Hill out to Manhattan.

For a good time, actors Ari Graynor, Lauren Anne Miller, Justin Long and Seth Rogen and director Jamie Travis were joined by friends Elisabeth Moss, Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig and Jonah Hill to ring in the NYC premiere of Focus Features' Sundance comedy For a Good Time Call... on Tuesday night.

The film’s co-stars Sugar Lyn Beard, Don McManus plus Russell Simmons, Savannah Wise, Cheyenne Jackson, Will Reiser, Sami Gayle and Stacey Bendet were also on hand for the screening of what industry insiders have nicknamed a “bramance.” The film screened at the Regal Union Square Stadium 14 theater.

While funnymen Hill, Rudd and Rogen enjoyed a bromantic night out, the evening was all about the ladies, particularly the film’s stars Miller, Graynor and the film’s co-writer and producer Katie Anne Naylon.

Graynor donned a sexy, low-cut bright pink Honor frock with Brian Atwood heels and Miller opted for a black and white strapless Armani dress with a vintage look and Louboutin heels.

Moss also turned heads when she unveiled her brand new blonde pixie cut and a svelte figure in a black lace Dolce & Gabbana dress.

SUNDANCE FILM REVIEW: For a Good Time, Call...

The comedy from AdScott Pictures, based on the real life escapades of Miller and longtime friend Naylon, first premiered at January’s Sundance film festival. Penned by Miller and Naylon, For a Good Time Call… is Travis’ debut feature and stars Miller and Graynor as frenemies turned roommates who end up launching a phone sex operation out of their NY apartment to make ends meet and become friends in the process. The female-driven story about friendship also stars Long, Nia Vardalos, Mimi Rogers, James Wolk, Mark Webber and features scenes with Miller’s real-life husband Rogen and Kevin Smith.

"When we first saw this film at Sundance we knew that we wanted to be the ones to bring this film to audiences,” Focus Features President Andrew Karpen said. Karpen highlighted the “tremendous amount of heart” in the film from its "very, very passionate” team.

Even after strong reviews in Sundance and positive buzz leading up to the film’s release in nine cities on Aug. 31st, the passion project’s success still seems surreal to its cast and producers.

"You make an independent film and you don't expect this to be the ending. The fact that were here is, as cheesy as it sounds, a dream come true,” Miller told The Hollywood Reporter.

The film may be based on her real life, but Miller assures that it is fiction.

"It’s an exaggeration of our lives. It’s not a documentary by any means. I love that Katie and I, as best friends in real life, have this little piece of something that we'll always have. It's really cool,” Miller said.

Graynor agrees. “We are so, so wide-eyed about this whole experience. Every screening, I get massive birthday party syndrome that no one's going to come, that no one's going to laugh, that it will be really embarrassing somehow. And to walk into Union Square theaters today and have it be such a real situation and a full house and people laughed and loved it, I can't express how amazing and exciting and overwhelming and beautiful this experience is,” she told THR of presenting the Manhattan-set comedy in its home town.

The good times continued at an after party at Meatpacking hotspot Anja bar where guests popped Cherry Noir cocktails à la Grey Goose, snacked on hors d’oeuvres and lollipops and sipped responsibly in the laid-back ambiance.

“At Sundance, everything about it was a surprise. I can't believe how real this premiere is. It’s a real movie. It's like our little baby,” Graynor said.

Naylon also expressed maternal instincts for the title. “In a way, it's like our baby's coming out party,” she told THR of the premiere. Long asked: “Coming out of what?” to which Naylon responded: “A Vagina.” “New York is a good vagina,” Long added.

Long, who plays the gay best friend of Miller and Graynor’s characters in the film, explained: “Sundance is really make or break for a movie like this. That movie lives or dies at Sundance. The fact that it's being distributed at all is really a huge victory.”

Both Long and Graynor star in Jamie Linden’s 10 Years opposite Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum set for a mid-September release. 

Graynor, who is also on the big screen this summer in Lee Toland Krieger’s Celeste and Jesse Forever, waxed nostaglic at the screening. “The phone sex call with Kevin Smith was the first thing we shot in the movie so that's quite a memory when I see that and I know how anxious and nervous I was. It was the first thing we did on the movie then suddenly I was meeting the crew and on the bed doing all of those shenanigans. It's insane to watch that,” she said, adding: “Lauren and I had such an amazing time together and developed such a beautiful friendship.”

Graynor said that the role thankfully didn’t involve too much research into the phone sex hotline business.

“We wanted to make the phone sex funny and not sexually titillating. It was more about trying to keep it out of a world that was too real. We didn't talk dirty to each other on set all the time. Well, we did, but not because we were making a movie about phone sex,” the actress joked.

So will the comedy spark a renaissance in the phone sex hotline business?

“I hope it gives female-driven comedies a renaissance. That would make me happy,” Naylon said, but added: “I'm so broke I might start doing phone sex again.”

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