A Graphical Look at the Radical Transformation of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

Rupert Murdoch on stage - H 2012
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Rupert Murdoch on stage - H 2012

See News Corp.'s publishing division shrink in stature and the entertainment businesses grow from 2002 to 2011.

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. has confirmed that the company is considering splitting its entertainment businesses from the publishing assets.

Analysts agree that that the entertainment company, rumored to be considering a new name, would be the crown jewel of the split, walking away from the diminished publishing division with most of the operating income.

What's truly remarkable is the radical shift in the company's income in the past decade. Today, the entertainment assets generate nearly three times as much as the publishing assets, but just ten years ago, the publishing part of the company including the shuttered News of the World represented News Corp.'s biggest business.

To see ten years of News Corp.'s profound transformation, check out this graph below, courtesy of PBS' Frontline, which recently produced a special on the company called Murdoch's Scandal. Roll over each division and click on the various fiscal years to learn more:

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