A Guide to Chrissy Teigen and Piers Morgan's Twitter Feud Over Jennifer Aniston

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images; Angela Weiss/Getty Images
Piers Morgan, Chrissy Teigen

It's so juicy.

Droves of celebrities have come out in support of Jennifer Aniston's recent Huffington Post blog post, in which the actress rails against the tabloid media and their "sports-like scrutiny" of her body. 

Nia Vardalos and Chrissy Teigen are just a few of the Hollywood ladies voicing their agreement with Aniston, but leave it to Piers Morgan, who can always be counted on to have an opinion on the portrayal of women's bodies, to find fault in Aniston's message. 

The former TV personality penned a column for The Daily Mail in which he called the actress hypocritical for allowing herself to be photoshopped on magazine covers, therefore selling a "false image of beauty." He added, "You may want to dismount from that high horse at this point, Jennifer."

Cue outrage from Teigen: "Why do you ALWAYS take the road of being a piece of shit asshole?" she tweeted to Morgan. 

Morgan then replied to Teigen, and dragged innocent bystander John Legend (Teigen's hubby) into the mix.