A lesson in the Classics

Wayne, Fonda films at sidebar

The Festival de Cannes is traveling back in time with a series of screenings and events planned for its Cannes Classics sidebar.

Created in 2004, the section is dedicated to "rediscovered cinema, restored prints and theatrical or DVD rereleases of the great works of the past," organizers said Wednesday. The program will be held at the Bunuel Theater inside the Palais des Festivals, with repeat screenings for select titles to be shown at the Cinema de la Plage and La Licorne Cinema in Cannes.

Polish director Andrzej Wajda will preside over Cannes Classics 2007 and present a restored copy of "Kanal," winner of the Special Jury Prize in Cannes 50 years ago.

Jane Fonda will be in town to pay homage to her father, Henry, at a screening of Sidney Lumet's "Twelve Angry Men" on May 26. And Walter Salles, Cristi Puiu and Martin Scorsese will launch the World Cinema Foundation at a May 22 news conference, to be followed by a series of screenings.

A "John Wayne Centenary" will celebrate the actor with screenings of "Hondo" and "Rio Bravo," while "Laurence Olivier's Shakespearian films," a trilogy of three films the actor directed based on the bard's works, also will be in the spotlight.

The section also will feature four documentaries about filmmaking dedicated to Marlon Brando, Maurice Pialat, Pierre Rissient and Lindsay Anderson in addition to restored copies of 10 classic films, including Sacha Guitry's "My Last Mistress," Vittorio de Sica's "The Garden of the Finzi-Continis" and Terence Fisher's "Dracula."