The A-List

Courtesy of ZDF Enterprises

Ten titles sure to generate strong buzz at this year's market.


Arguably the biggest series launch at this year's market, ABC Studios' new thriller stars Ashley Judd as a former CIA agent who pursues her son's kidnappers across Europe. Cliff Curtis and Adriano Giannini also star.  Sales: ABC Studios

Hell on Wheels

With Hell on Wheels, entertainment giant Endemol is making a big move into high-end TV. The period drama, produced by Endemol USA, eOne and Nomadic Pictures for AMC -- is set just after the Civil War. Anson Mount stars as a rogue confederate soldier bent on revenge against the union conscripts who killed his wife. Sales: Endemol

The Sector

After the global success of The Pillars of the Earth, Germany's Tandem and Ridley and Tony Scott's Scott Free shingle reteam for this one-hour sci-fi crime series in the vein of Blade Runner and District 9. The story centers on a paramilitary unit that hunts down a new race of genetically enhanced humans. Sales: Tandem Communications

Parade's End

After Band of Brothers and The Pacific, HBO now takes on World War I. This time, it's a very British affair, with the BBC, Mammoth Screen and Lookout Point producing this epic miniseries based on the novel by Ford Madox Ford. Two Shakespeare in Love collaborators -- writer Tom Stoppard and producer David Parfitt -- are on board to adapt Ford's tale of Edwardian England's decent into hell. Sales: BBC Worldwide

You Deserve It!

The new game show format from Deal or No Deal creator Dick de Rijk offers an altruistic twist: Contestants play not for themselves but for a deserving, and unwitting, friend or colleague. You Deserve It! presold to ABC and is looking to go global at MIPCOM. Sales: SevenOne International

Red or Black

Controversy has already struck Simon Cowell's new game show after a former criminal walked away with a £1 million jackpot on the first broadcast. But the X Factor creator is betting his gambling format -- contestants wager on the outcome of live stunts -- will be on the air in 20 countries, including the U.S., within 12 months. Sales: ITV Studios

The Fjallbacka Murders

Murder, She Wrote meets The Killing in the latest series riding the Scandinavian crime wave. Based on the best-sellers by Sweden's Camilla Lackberg, The Fjallbacka Murders follow the adventures of a local novelist and her policeman husband in a rural Swedish town with a shockingly high murder rate. Sales: TrustNordisk

Terra Nova

Fox is seeking to fill the Lost-sized hole in international schedules with this mega-budget, time-traveling mystery adventure series. Starting on a polluted planet in 2149, Terra Nova then jumps back 85 million years to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. The Steven Spielberg exec-produced series has presold to Canada, Germany, Russia, Australia and the U.K. Sales: Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution

Into the Abyss -- A Tale of Death, a Tale of Life

Fresh off his success with 3D doc Cave of Forgotten Dreams, German auteur Werner Herzog arrives at MIP with Into the Abyss, aka Death Row, an existential look at the lives and fates of inmates on the green mile. Sales: ZDF Enterprises

Death in Paradise

This fish-out-of-water crime series, in the vein of Monk,  is set in the Caribbean and stars British comedian Ben Miller as a curmudgeonly cop who hates sun, sand and fun. Co-starring France's Sara Martins, the eight-part series was produced by Red Planet Pictures and Atlantique Production together with BBC Worldwide and Kudos Film and Television. Sales: BBC Worldwide