The A-List Facial Treatments Stars Seek Out the Week Before the Oscars

From left: Mandy Moore Emmy Rossum and Emily Ratajkowski

From Shani Darden's signature facial to Francesca Paige "LOL" (lift, oxygen, lights), these are the must-have treatments before Sunday.

Between the final gown fittings and a possible stop at a top spray tan specialist, celebrities also are making time this week to see their skin care gurus to make sure their faces are firm, blemish-free and radiant by Oscar Sunday.

Top aestheticians including Shani Darden, Joanna Vargas and Sonya Dakar are busier than usual with star clients who receive microdermabrasion, oxygen and LED light treatments, various enzyme peels and more, to reveal their best skin on the red carpet.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, founder and director of Capital Laser & Skin Care and assistant clinical professor at the department of dermatology at the George Washington University Medical Center, a facial or topical treatment can be done just days out, or ideally one to two weeks before a big event. However, if going for more aggressive procedures like Botox, Dysport or fillers, leave four to six weeks between the injectable and a public appearance.

Should a treatment of any kind cause an unwanted reaction, Dr. Tanzi says, "Get to your dermatologist right away! There are many tricks we have to calm the skin within 24 hours."

Ideally celebrities aren’t saving their skin treatments for the 11th hour, plus most of them probably aren’t trying anything brand new before the big night. In fact, most of them turn to this list of procedures done by their go-to skin care experts in order to get skin looking its absolute best by Oscar night.

Shani Darden

The service: Signature Facial

Where to find It: Shani Darden in Beverly Hills, Calif.

What it does: The Signature Facial is customized based on what the client’s skin needs are on that particular day. The facial includes a light chemical peel to give skin an amazing glow, oxygen and LED therapy, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boosts collagen in the skin, kills bacteria that cause acne and accelerates healing after extractions.

Who loves It: Emmy Rossum, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Emily Ratajkowski, Amanda Seyfried


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Arcona Studio

The service: ARCONA Red Carpet Radiance Facial

Where to find It: The ARCONA Studio in Santa Monica,

What it does: The Arcona Red-Carpet Radiance Treatment will help brighten, glow, sculpt, lift, soothe, plump and heal while boosting radiance, improving collagen production, and firming and smoothing fine lines around the eyes, upper lip and hands. Services include: Cleansing, Customized Fruit Enzyme Peel, which is applied to face, neck, chest and hands.

 Who loves It: Regina King, Mandy Moore

The "at home" version: Key products used in the Red Carpet Radiance Facial are: Eye Dew Plus ($95), Wine Oil ($58), Youth Serum ($90).

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

The service: OxyLight Facial

Where to find It: The office of Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank by celebrity aesthetician Edyta Jarosz,

What It does: The OxyLight by Sapphire 3 integrates the most requested applications in one system by utilizing LED light, oxygen, micro-current stimulation, Oxygen Therapy, Diamond Microdermabrasion and Biosonix Ultrasound to lift, tighten and clarify the facial structures. Maintenance treatments may follow once a month, and there is no discomfort or recovery time.

Who loves It: Unable to disclose.

Sonya Dakar

The service: Emerald Facial

Where to find It: Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills,

What it does: The core aspect of this treatment is a Spirulina-based mask, which creates a jewel-toned, green hue. With its high content of vitamin A, vitamin B-12, vitamin E, calcium, iron and phosphorus, all of which are vital for skin’s health, Spirulina works wonders for the complexion, making it look immediately toned, radiant and more youthful.

Who loves It: Unable to disclose.

Integrated Beauty Solutions

The service: Slimfit Wellness + Infrared Cocoon

Where to find It: SKIN MATRx Integrated Beauty Solutions in Burbank,

What It does: The Cocoon offers a whole-body experience with dry heat therapy and the healing power of infrared light, dual-wave full-body massage, aromatherapy, detoxification and calorie-burning effects to help the body slim down. The detoxification process leaves skin radiant and glowing.

Who loves It: Unable to disclose.

Ciel Spa by Pearl Wellness

The service: Triple Lift Facial 

Where to find It: Ciel Spa by Pearl Wellness in Beverly Hills with facial expert Rebecca George,

What it does: This includes deep exfoliation, hydration and the remodeling face machine (which machine uses microcurrent, galvanic, and high and medium frequencies to stimulate the muscle to contract, so that the skin on top becomes more tone and lifted). Good for all skin types.

Who gets it done: Unable to disclose.

The "at-home" Version: While the spa cannot disclose celebrity names for the treatment, they say that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen definitely love the Biologique Rechereche line exclusively used at Ciel.

Dr. Suzanne Trott

The service: Lasergenesis

Where to find It: The office of Dr. Suzanne Trott in Beverly Hills,

What it does: Lasergenisis includes deep exfoliation, hydration and the remodeling face machine (the remodeling face machine uses micro current, galvanic and high and medium frequencies to stimulate the muscle to contract, when the muscle contracts the skin on top becomes more tone and lifted). There is no downtime, and it can be used on all skin types. Results are usually seen in a couple of days. It also is great for overall pore tightening and skin rejuvenation to get an immediate fresh-faced look.

Who gets it done: Unable to disclose.

Gina Mari Skincare

The service: Head to toe microdermabrasion with light acid wash and LED light therapy 

Where to find It: Gina Mari Skincare in Beverly Hills,

What it does: Diamond-tip microdermabrasion smoothes and polishes the face and body. This is followed by a light acid wash to brighten the complexion and LED light therapy to stimulate cellular renewal and give any skin type a healthy glow.

Who loves It: Unable to disclose.

Joanna Vargas

The service: The Triple Crown Facial

Where to find It: Available exclusively at the Joanna Vargas Salons in New York and Los Angeles,

What it does: Microdermabrasion with a diamond-tipped wand removes impurities and dead skin, mild electric current drains puffiness, tones muscle and tightens skin. There is no downtime and Vargas says that people love the instant effect and long-term cumulative effects. She also delivers a vitamin-spiked pure oxygen treatment to boost radiant and supplement the skin with nutrients.

Who loves it: Julianne Moore, Rachel Weisz, Debra Messing, Emma Roberts

The "at-home" Version: Since most of her clients are coming in the day after flying into L.A., their skin is extremely dry from being on a plane. Vargas starts prepping their skin by layering her Bright Eye Firming Mask under the Bright Eye Hydrating Mask and over the top of both places her new Euphoria Face Mask. This helps to calm, de-puff and hydrate the skin. 

Francesca Paige

The service: "LOL" - LIFT, OXYGEN, LIGHTS

Where to find It: Francesca Paige Skin in Beverly Hills,

What it does: The "LOL" lifts, tones tightens the neck and face using micro current and galvanic. Oxygen plumps with hyaluronic acid or a special cocktail Paige blends from Parisian serums. The LED lights are the “icing on the cake” and used from the knees to the face to achieve an overall red carpet youthful, healthy glow.  

Who Loves It: Mandy Moore, Minka Kelly, Kesha, Hilary Duff

The KAO Center

The service: KAO Regenerative Cell Therapy

Where to find It: The KAO Center in Santa Monica,

What it does: Dr. Kao specifically designed this treatment for patients looking to maximize the health and vitality of their complexion prior to a special event, but the protocols can also be integrated into an ongoing skin maintenance program. KAO Regenerative Cell Therapy consists of Dermaplaning, Adipose Stem Cells and Growth, Oxygen Infusion, Aqua Peptide Soothing Mask and an LED Light Session.

Who loves it: Unable to Disclose.

Nurse Jamie's Beauty Park

The service: Laser Tag 

Where to find it: Nurse Jamie's Beauty Park in Santa Monica,

What It Does: Nurse Jamie uses non-surgical Radio-laser, Cryogen Pigment and Vascular lasers to reduce and remove a full range of skin conditions including: moles, skin tags, hemangiomas and sebaceous hyperplasia, warts, keratosis and other raised skin conditions without stitches, bleeding and virtually no risk of any procedure -— in just one treatment. The treatment clears skin of marks, colored spots, lumps and bumps for backless dresses, high-def-defying decollete shots, over-the-shoulder backless waves and thigh-high slits.

Who loves It: Kourtney Kardashian recorded a session on her Snapchat.