The A-list: Six titles likely to heat up chilly Berlin


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Director: Johnnie To
Section: Competition
Sales: Universe Films Distribution Co.
The latest genre spin from Hong Kong workaholic Johnnie To lifts its plot from H.K.'s underground world of light-fingered pickpockets, or "sparrows" in the local slang. One of the hottest trailers to screen at last year's HK Filmart, "Sparrow" is already setting buyers' hearts aflutter ahead of its Berlinale premiere

Where Is Winky's Horse?
Director: Mischa Kamp
Section: Generation
Sales: Delphis Films
The sequel to the 2005 Dutch holiday hit "Winky's Horse," the new tale features the same winning team of director Mischa Kamp, screenwriter Tamara Bos and kid star Ebbie Tam. The original "Winky" sold to more than 30 territories worldwide, and judging by the sequel's warm reception in Holland, this "Winky" could be a Christmas wish come true.

Female Agents
Director: Jean-Paul Salome
Section: Market
Sales: TF1 International
Sophie Marceau stars as the head of a five-woman commando unit that parachutes into occupied France in 1944. Action, costumes and sexy star power should combine to make this market title a hot seller, particularly in Anglo-American territories.

Director: Ozgur Yildirim
Section: Panorama
Sales: The Match Factory
Produced by Golden Bear-winner Fatih Akin (2007's "The Edge of Heaven," 2004's "Head-On"), Yildirim's feature debut bears more than a passing resemblance to Akin's first film, 1998's "Short Sharp Shock." Set in Turkish Hamburg's drugs-and-crime milieu, "Chiko" combines a genre sensibility with a keen eye to the tensions brewing in Germany's immigrant communities.

Flashbacks of a Fool
Director: Baillie Walsh
Section: Market
Sales: Arclight Films
Music video director Walsh and new James Bond star Daniel Craig join forces in this tale of a debauched Hollywood star forced to confront the secrets of his past. The mix of Craig's sexiness and the soul-healing story line could make "Flashbacks" a must for the high-end art house set.

The Fox & the Child
Director: Luc Jacquet
Section: Market
Sales: Wild Bunch
Jacquet follows up his Oscar-winning boxoffice giant "March of the Penguins" (2005) with this drama, which also mixes warmhearted sentiment with awe-inspiring nature photography. The story of a girl's friendship with a fox, told almost exclusively from the animal's perspective, is looking to win over the same family-friendly audiences that marched out to see "Penguins."