A Look Back at Avicii's Most Memorable Songs

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The Swedish DJ died Friday at the age of 28.

Tim Bergling, who went by the stage name Avicii, was found dead at the age of 28 on April 20 while in Muscat, Oman. While tributes arrive from members of the electronic dance music community, below is a look back at the artist's memorable tracks, as picked by Billboard critics originally for a 2017 story.

9. Avicii - "My Feelings for You" feat. Sebastien Drums

This track is a super disco inferno, hunk of burning dance-floor glory. It might not have charted as strong as some other Avicii songs, but it's definitely a crowd favorite. Even hipster DJs were dropping this one when it came out. Maybe that's because it's technically a remix of a song from French band Cassius and, you know, hipsters love French music.

8. Avicii - "Without You" feat. Sandro Cavazza

"Without You" arrived on Avicii's six-track EP Av?ci (01) and sports a catchy melody with zippy synths reminiscent of his country-pop sound. The record features Swedish singer-songwriter Sandro Cavazza, whom Avicii also remixed and included on his EP.

7. Avicii - "Hey Brother"

Avicii's album True was really out to show the world just how inclusive dance music could be. You've never heard such glistening country pop as you have on this album, and “Hey Brother” is one of the twangiest dance-floor favorites to ever grace the festival circuit. Singer Dan Tyminski applies the heavy bluegrass element over Avicii's four-on-the-floor and brightly glowing synths. Fair warning, the music video is liable to make you cry.

6. Tim Berg - "Seek Bromance"

This classic jam is so old school that Avicii wasn't even called Avicii when it was released  he was still known as Tim Berg. Yet, we all remember “Seek Bromance” as one of the best songs in Avicii's catalog. It charted in 20 countries and reached No. 1 on the Billboard Dance Clubs Songs list. Now almost eight years after its release, you can hear how influential it's been to every damn feel-good house song that came after.

5. Avicii - "Silhouettes"

There's something so undeniable about this pumping beat, this misty melody and Swedish singer Salem Al Fakir's smoky vocals. It just gives us a warm, cozy feeling listening to it. Maybe it's also partially nostalgia for 2011, when everyone was first swept up in Avicii mania. This was one of those songs that, even if you acted like you didn't like it at the time, you found yourself fist pumping to it in no time.

4. Avicii - "I Could Be the One" feat. Nicky Romero

This hook became one of the most recognizable melodies of 2012 almost instantly. This song flickers between indulgently sweet and absolutely bangerific. Fun fact: The instrumental version once featured a sample of Justice's seminal anthem “D.A.N.C.E.,” though the sample was removed for the final version fans know and love. It was a total smash, charting in 22 countries and hitting four Billboard charts, peaking on the US Dance Clubs list before it was finished.

3. Avicii - "Fade Into Darkness"

Did you even realize “Fade Into Darkness” predates “Levels"? Sometimes we forget there was an Avicii before that song took over the whole world. Listening to this tune today, we can hear a lot of that country-western influence just begging to bubble up to the surface. Replace the piano with acoustic guitar and it could totally be one of those cross-genre hits.

2. Avicii - "Wake Me Up"

We will never forget the collective head-scratch moment that hit Ultra Music Festival in Miami when Avicii first debuted this song. No one had ever even conceived of melding country music with electronic dance until Avicii showed people the way. 

1. Avicii - "Levels"

Does this Avicii song really need an explanation? It's quite possibly one of the biggest dance music songs ever recorded. It's the modern-day equivalent of “Sandstorm” or “Kernkraft 400.” It's immediately recognizable, and you will never get it out of your head until you are buried -- and maybe not even then. It gave a new generation a reason to mourn the loss of Etta James, was a top 10 hit in 15 countries and topped the charts in both Avicii's homeland of Sweden and the United States. You could still drop it at any party and watch the place go off. “Levels” is timeless. It is universal. It is love.