With A New Book To Promote, Hillary Clinton Begins Her Television Blitz

Hillary Clinton CBS Sunday Morning - H
CBS Sunday Morning

Clinton kicked of her comeback tour with an appearance on 'CBS Sunday Morning.'

If you watch television, you're going to start seeing a lot of Hillary Clinton again. After laying low for the first few months after her loss to Donald Trump in November, Clinton has a new book to promote, What Happened, and will be interviewed on morning shows, daytime shows, evening news shows, cable news shows and even late-night television over the next few weeks.

Clinton's first television tour stop was CBS Sunday Morning, where she was interviewed by Jane Pauley.

On Wednesday, she will be interviewed by the ladies of The View, and on Sept. 19 she will talk to Stephen Colbert on his Late Show.

With so many appearances scheduled, it will be interesting to see if Clinton will parcel out news nuggets and try to make each interview unique in some way.

Simon & Schuster, her publisher, wouldn't comment on her media appearances and the strategy behind them. But Brian Fallon, who served as spokesman for her presidential campaign, defended her television blitz.

"I am sure Donald Trump will relish the chance to resume his attacks on Hillary Clinton with her back in the news, but I don't blame her for not letting that silence her," Fallon told The Hollywood Reporter. "She's not running for elected office ever again, and the Democratic Party is well on its way to identifying its next generation of leaders. Her book is not going to impair the party's rebuilding efforts."

Pablo Manriquez, who served as a television booker for the Democratic National Committee during the last election cycle (and achieved viral fame when the committee's emails were hacked and released), said Clinton is "definitely a huge get" for the networks, considering how long it's been since she last appeared on TV.

Asked if he has any advice for Clinton, the television-savvy former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka said, "Good luck to her. She'll need it."