There's a New Hollywood Psychic in Town — and She's Kardashian-Approved

Psychic Sisters Main - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Psychic Sisters

Jayne Wallace has read for Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, Kate Hudson, Michael Jackson and members of the royal family; she predicts a baby boy for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

It’s long been written in the stars for Jayne Wallace, the latest psychic to come to Hollywood shooting for a star of her own.

The London-based seer already has celeb cred. "The most exceptionally gifted clairvoyant I have ever met," reads a quote from Kim Kardashian West on Wallace's website, where Kylie Jenner, Kate Hudson, Leslie Mann and Larry King are also listed as fans of the psychic's services. 

She's got royal cred too — but you'll have to take her word for it. “I don’t ever kiss and tell,” says Wallace, who predicts a baby boy and a long-lasting relationship for Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. 

For 12 years, she and her team of Psychic Sisters have had a space in the basement of the famed Selfridges department store in London after Wallace had a "chance" encounter with the store's managing director.

"I was reading tarot cards for a friend in the basement coffee shop, after buying some foot gel, and this man in a suit kept staring at me; I just knew he was the one to talk to about getting in the store," she says. "Fifteen minutes later, he came over and asked what we were up to; I explained that we were clairvoyants and I was doing a reading before we left to tape our TV show. He was mocking us a bit. Then I can't tell you what I said to him, but it was A, B, C and D. And he said, 'When can you start?'"

Now, the Psychic Sisters are bringing their gifts to L.A., where they have set up shop in the new Culver City fashion boutique Modern Society, offering readings from $150 and psychic classes for $100. Wallace herself will be on site every other month.

You could say it was destiny that she ended up here, reading tarot cards in the stateside outpost of the London shop. Opened in May, the boutique also peddles energy-clearing amethyst and citrine crystal points, arty ceramics and jewelry, and fashion from emerging designers.  

“The owner was a client and I was doing a reading for her two years ago and said, ‘You’re going to open a shop in L.A.’ and she said ‘No, no, no!’” says Wallace. 

"Then funny enough, I was on holiday and these two guys [Platform owners Joseph Miller and David Fishbein] walked into my shop in London and left a message that they wanted me to open in L.A.," adds Modern Society owner Nazifa Movsoumova. “L.A. is so far and I didn’t think I was going to, but they were so persistent! So here we are.”

Wallace says her Hollywood following was already bringing her to L.A. multiple times a year — that and a search for a potential TV deal.

“L.A.’s got quite a lot of pain, it’s quite a troubled place and I think that’s why I’m here, to help it heal," says the 50-year-old psychic, who has a warm, down-to-earth style and bans clients from doing more than two readings per year. "People can become very addictive and sometimes want us to tell them what to do with their lives.”

Beyond the living, Wallace connects with spirits of those who have passed. “I connected with Michael Jackson,” says Wallace. “I felt that energy of him in a dream and that he was healed and had left the pain behind. He was a very traumatized man and he suffered a lot, but I felt he had found his peace."

Some years ago, she encountered the strong energy and presence of Marilyn Monroe along The Hollywood Walk of Fame near the [TLC] Chinese Theatre: "I love her energy, it’s beautiful, but she was slightly troubled on the spirit level.” 

During psychic readings and reiki healing sessions, Wallace and her team use an array of tools, from tarot cards and crystals to psychometry (reading the energy of objects touched or owned by loved ones) and even face reading, which can be challenging in Hollywood. “Whether you’ve had Botox or not, you can read off the shape of the lips and the eyes and the nose,” she says. 

The Psychic Sisters have become the style set's go-to for product launches and events. “We’ve helped Aveda with crystal infusions in their products,” says Wallace, "and [British footwear brand] Kurt Geiger to do shoe readings at an event, because they show your personality, and we’ve done lipstick readings for Charlotte Tilbury Makeup. We also work with the Four Seasons to teach psychic development classes at some of their resorts.”

A line of Psychic Sisters products includes crystal-infused aromatherapeutic Aura Mists (rose-lavender for love and sandalwood-black pepper for power), tarot cards, sage sticks and a variety of reiki-charged crystals with affirmations such as healing, love and protection. The merch is sold at Modern Society, alongside the boutique’s line of aromatic candles crafted in Israel, dresses by New York designer Sandy Liang, Ukrainian brand Sleeper and British designer Rejina Pyo.

What’s next for the Psychic Sisters? “I really want to do a television show, ‘Psychic Sisters Take L.A.’ and we’re speaking to a number of networks,” says Wallace, who has regularly appeared on television in the U.K. and has been clairvoyant since she was a child. “We’re the only department store psychics in the world, and I’d love to be in Nordstrom in the U.S.!”

It remains to be seen whether the super-psychic's premonition will come true.

Psychic Sisters at Modern Society, Platform, 8850 Washington Blvd., Unit 105, Culver City.