A Second Rachel Zoe Reality Project Is Coming Soon to Your iPhone

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It's gonna be bananas, probably.

Ah, the early years of reality TV. 

Before there were Bachelor contestants using their 15 minutes of fame to gain enough Instagram followers so that they could sustain a luxe lifestyle by advertising Flat Tummy Tea and Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins, there were the bold personalities — Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad, Snookie and more — who graced our television sets once a week and who, in a way, became our friends. 

Many of those reality stars have gone on to bigger and better things, but that doesn't mean that we don't still miss them every now and again. Lucky for us, one such reality star, Rachel Zoe, is putting her life on display once more — but this time via social media. 

This Sunday, Zoe is launching a new series on Instagram stories called Real Life With Rachel Zoe. The two-minute episodes will be broadcast every Sunday at 9 a.m. PT. 

"Since The Rachel Zoe Project has been off the air, there's been a constant ask — whether it’s in person around the world or on social media — to bring the show back," Zoe tells The Hollywood Reporter. "People really feel like they know you, and in a sense they do. So it sparked this idea where we literally take whatever was going on in my life that day, that hour, that week — whatever it is, and post the videos. It's completely unscripted, anything from an Insta story or a selfie or Roger filming me making pancakes for the kids."

The Rachel Zoe Project, which aired for five seasons on Bravo from 2008-2013, made the celeb stylist-turned-designer a household name, known for her extravagant taste and liberal use of the word "bananas." And once again, the new series will focus on her two loves: her work and her boys. 


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"For better or for worse, I don’t have shy children," said Zoe of putting her boys Skyler, 5, and Kaius, 3, on camera. "My real life is all-consumed with my work and my kids. To not show them is ridiculous. So much of what they do is so much of what I am." 

As for why she chose Instagram over cable, Zoe blames the times. "When my show was on the air, it was really just television where things could live. Ten years later we’re looking at so many different ways that we consume," she said. "Social media has taken over the world as we know it, and I thought it was a great way to take my followers into a behind-the-scenes look — there were no other intentions, no messaging. It's not overthought, not super-strategic in any way."

Stephanie Chan contributed to this report.