A Tribute to Richard Dawson

2012-21 REP Richard Dawson H

Dawon on "Family Feud" in 1980.

Bob Barker gave the "Family Feud" host a big break.

The British comic, who died June 2 of esophageal cancer at age 79, appeared on Hogan's Heroes and in 1987's The Running Man but is best known as the swaggering host of Family Feud. Barker, former host of The Price is Right and other shows, gave Dawson a big break in 1970.

Says Barker: "I am proud to say I gave Richard his first opportunity as a TV host. I produced a show called Lucky Pair and saw him on Match Game or something. I sensed he would make a good host. He had a splendid sense of humor and was quick with a line. He had a way with people. I was impressed with the way he interacted with the audience before the show went on the air -- he would do his own warm-up. On Family Feud, I can't understand why he didn't have a cold or flu most of the time. I got a lot of kisses on TV as well, but I always turned my cheek. I had women come up and say, "I'm going to kiss you on the lips, Bob!" and I'd say, "Oh no you're not!" But Richard handled it all with ease."