A true tale of tragedy, persistence, payoff

The Collective, Three Friends eye Collene Campbell story

Collene Campbell's son Scott was murdered in 1982. Six years later, her brother, off-road racing legend Mickey Thompson, and his wife were gunned down.

Campbell fought a decades-long battle that ultimately saw the Victims' Bill of Rights become California law with the state's passage of Proposition 9 this month. Now her story is set to become an "Erin Brockovich"-style movie.

The Collective and Three Friends Prods. are teaming with Campbell and her husband Gary to produce a film about her fight for justice. TFP's Hope Schenk and Paul Marquez are producing with the Campbells. The Collective's Shaun Redick and Ray Mansfield are exec producing.

"No mom or dad should be forced to sit outside the courtroom during the trial of their child's murderer like we were or read in the newspaper about proceedings in their case instead of being informed officially about the proceedings," Collene Campbell said. "No loved one should be forced to sit silent when it comes to release, plea or sentencing decisions and endure the endless delays that we were forced to endure, costing enormous taxpayer dollars. Now because of Proposition 9, victims in California will have these rights and more."

Redick and Mansfield, who rep Campbell's life rights and optioned them to TFP, are in talks with writers and directors about adapting her story for the screen.

Their recent Collective productions include "Powder Blue," starring Forest Whitaker and Jessica Biel.