A TV Critic's Predictions (and Hopes)

2 FEA Globes Game of Thrones H
Helen Sloan/HBO

HBO's fantasy epic and first-time nominee couold be a surprise winner for best drama at the Globes.

THR's TV guru differentiates between what should happen vs. what likely will happen when the envelopes are opened.

Although no awards show ever delivers unto critics exactly what they want (since most have already blown it in the nomination process), we can at least fantasize about perfection or something near it before the actual letdown arrives.

Here then, some high hopes and predictions in the television categories:

HBO's Boardwalk Empire probably did the most to merit an award because it has clocked two elaborate, engaging seasons, but the truth is that the fantastic first seasons of HBO's Game of Thrones and Showtime's Homeland were more than enough to win. Give it to Game of Thrones.

Since it's far too late to complain about who got snubbed in these nominations, we can only work with what we're given. In that case, best actor in a drama should go to either the continued excellence of Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad -- pretty much the high-water mark in all of television -- or to the stunning dramatic work of Kelsey Grammer in Boss on Starz or to Damian Lewis for his coiled intensity in Showtime's Homeland. Go with Grammer.

There's sadly much less of a competitive battle in the best actress category for a drama, which Claire Danes should win rather handily for her fantastic work in Showtime's Homeland.

One of the beauties of the Globes is that you don't really know what they'll do, so why not dream of a crashing upset that gives HBO's eclectic and evocative Enlightened the win for best comedy or musical? Most likely, Modern Family will snag this instead.

Actress in a comedy or musical is a much fairer category now that some of the black-comedy actresses (e.g. Edie Falco) aren't nominated, so how about Amy Poehler getting her due for NBC's Parks and Recreation? If not, look for "It" girl Zooey Deschanel to win for New Girl.

Less balanced is actor in a comedy or musical so in an effort to avoid things getting really weird, hand the award to Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock and just know you did the right thing.

Miniseries and TV films is overflowing with greatness so there's no telling which direction the HFPA will go. Here's hoping they all took a tour of PBS' Downton Abbey.

Actress in that category is likely to be Kate Winslet for HBO's Mildred Pierce (no argument there), but if the Globes wants to be groundbreaking, give it to Romola Garai for BBC America's The Hour.

In the same category, actor is equally difficult, but by rights it should be Idris Elba from BBC America's Luther.

The crazy catchall category for supporting actors (series, miniseries, motion picture) is almost too ridiculous to predict, but let's go with Evan Rachel Wood for Mildred Pierce and Peter Dinklage for Game of Thrones. There. Everybody happy?