A24 Uses Tom Cruise Scientology Video to Promote 'The End of the Tour'

The End of the Tour
Courtesy of Sundance International Film Festival

"Don't be an SP," the company advises moviegoers in an Instagram post.

Tom Cruise may not have talked about Scientology in his Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation press tour, but the studio behind this weekend's specialty release The End of the Tour, A24, doesn't mind using Cruise's controversial religion to promote their movie, and maybe the new Mission: Impossible film as well.

A24 Instagrammed a gif of Cruise laughing maniacally when he talks about someone asking him "Have you ever met an SP [Suppressive Person]?" It was taken from a pro-Scientology video featuring Cruise talking about the privileges and virtues of his religion as well as his intense dedication to carrying out Scientology's goals. The video is soundtracked with the Mission: Impossible theme.

Scientology defines a "Suppressive Person" as "a person who seeks to suppress other people in their vicinity. A Suppressive Person will goof up or vilify any effort to help anybody and particularly knife with violence anything calculated to make human beings more powerful or more intelligent." The Church goes on claim that SPs try "to upset, continuously undermine, spread bad news about and denigrate betterment activities and groups."

People labeled as SPs are expelled from the Church and those who leave Scientology are considered SPs. Following Cruise and Nicole Kidman's divorce, Kidman was labeled as an SP by the Church, according to multiple reports and the book and documentary Going Clear.

Cruise says in the video that he hopes someday SPs won't exist anymore and people will just "read about them in history books."

In its caption, A24 advises moviegoers, "Don't be an SP. see THE END OF THE TOUR this weekend in NY/LA. and then whatever other movies you want," followed by an emoji of a bomb.

The End of the Tour, which A24 acquired after its well-received Sundance premiere, follows Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky's (Jesse Eisenberg) attempt to get inside the head of David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel) over the course of a five-day interview at the end of Wallace's 1996 book tour. James Ponsoldt directed the film, which is now playing in New York and L.A.

A24's Instagram account is known for its irreverent photos and videos.