AAM, Broadmedia team for Japan

Broadmedia embarking on digital cinema plan

LONDON -- British-based d-cinema integrator Arts Alliance Media (AAM) has pacted with Japanese content and technical services company Broadmedia.

The strategic partnership for Japan will see AAM providing technology advice and support and also licensing software to Broadmedia as the Japanese company embarks on a digital cinema deployment plan.

AAM will utilize its extensive experience gained in rolling out a European digital cinema network to advise Broadmedia on a range of digital cinema issues, including equipment selection and integration, systems architecture and the logistics of a digital cinema rollout.

Broadmedia is currently establishing relationships with exhibitors, distributors and manufacturers both in Japan and worldwide.

A significant part of the deal involves Broadmedia licensing AAM's proprietary software solution, encompassing a Theatre Management System (TMS) to centrally manage content scheduling and playout in a complex.

Arts Alliance Media COO Fiona Deans said: "This strategic partnership is a significant step into the Asia-Pacific market for AAM, and we look forward to sharing insights with our partners in Broadmedia, as well as using our European learnings to ensure the best possible digital cinema offer in Japan."

Broadmedia CEO Taro Hashimoto said: "Our partners in Japan can benefit from the research and development already undertaken by AAM in Europe, so that exhibitors can deploy and maintain digital systems with maximum efficiency and ease."