Zachary Quinto Reluctantly Seeks Help From Jenny Slate in 'Aardvark' (Exclusive Video)

The film, which Quinto also produced via his Before the Door Pictures banner and co-stars Jon Hamm, will have its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Zachary Quinto's Josh Norman has a problem.

"I have a condition. I have since I was 19," Josh tells his therapist, Emily (Jenny Slate), in the above exclusive clip from Aardvark. "It doesn't have a name, or at least all of the conditions that do have names aren't a great match."

Josh says that he does "perfectly fine at life." But Emily counters that he "must want help" if he's seeing her.

Aardvark, co-starring Jon Hamm, is set to have its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this Friday (April 21).

The movie, written and directed by Brian Shoaf in his feature debut, follows Josh as his estranged brother, Craig (Hamm), a well-known TV actor, returns home for the first time in years. Stuck in his brother's shadow and haunted by it, Josh seeks help from Emily, who develops her own connection to Craig.

Quinto and producing partner Neal Dodson produced Aardvark via their Before the Door Pictures banner, which has also produced films such as Margin Call, All Is Lost and A Most Violent Year. Susan Leber, who previously worked with Quinto and Dodson on Margin Call, also served as a producer.

Shoaf and Before the Door's Corey Moosa executive produced Aardvark as did Robert Halmi Jr. and Jim Reeve.

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