Aaron Paul Returns to 'The Price Is Right' With James Corden's Help

YouTube/The Late Late Show with James Corden

The 'Breaking Bad' alum famously appeared on the game show in 2000, where he overbid on the prize package and lost.

Before he became a star on Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul was a contestant on The Price Is Right in 2000.

On Wednesday's Late Late Show, Paul relived his heartbreaking loss, and host James Corden helped him "break in" to the game show's studio to redeem himself.

In 2000, Paul overbid on the prize package by a tiny margin — $132.  

"When I did the show, I was struggling, had no money, and it was really a source of possible income," he explained. "When I lost that damn car, I was so depressed for so long."

Unfortunately the actor's hopes of redemption were dashed when Corden guessed the right price and Paul overbid again.

"No, no, not again," yelled Paul. "F— you, Price Is Right."