Aasif Mandvi Details Homeland Security Run-In During 'Daily Show' Segment

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert -Aasif Mandvi- Publicity-H 2019
Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

The comedian also reveals what advice fellow former 'Daily Show' correspondent Stephen Colbert gave him before he did his first field piece.

On Thursday's The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Aasif Mandvi opened up about what happened when local officials in Boise, Idaho, called Homeland Security on him while he was filming a segment for The Daily Show.

For a bit about pollution that allegedly caused two-headed fish in a local river, Mandvi went to the local EPA office dressed as a two-headed fish, where he got into an argument with an employee and officials called the police, only for Homeland Security to show up.

While Daily Show viewers got a brief glimpse of the Homeland Security vehicle, Mandvi opened up about what happened during the encounter on Colbert's show.

Mandvi said that it was "like NCIS" when the crew walked out of the office to find Homeland Security approaching him. "They see me in a two-headed fish costume and they're about to take me in. I'm trying to explain to them, 'No, we're with The Daily Show,'" he said.

"I'm trying to explain to them, 'We're doing a piece for The Daily Show and then one of the Homeland Security guys goes, 'I love Jon Stewart.' I said, 'Let me get him on the phone and you can talk to him,'" he said. "Meanwhile, I don't have Jon Stewart's number. I'm just scrolling through my phone trying to get a friend to do a Jon Stewart impression."

Mandvi added that they finally let him and his crew go.

The actor also spoke about the advice Colbert, who also previously served as a Daily Show correspondent, once gave him. While the two had crossed paths in the past, they never worked together on The Daily Show.

"I did actually come to your office when I first started on The Daily Show," Mandvi told the host before he explained that the team behind the show wanted the two to speak before he was sent out to do his first field piece. "They said, 'Stephen Colbert is the master and you must go and learn from the master."'

Mandvi then shared the three pieces of advice that Colbert gave him. "Always find three things that are funny about the piece," he began. "Don't be afraid of the silence, and when you put a camera in someone's face, they get a lobotomy, which I thought was the most brilliant piece of advice I'd ever gotten."

"When you point a camera at somebody, their IQ goes down about 45 points," added Colbert. "That's why you let the silence fall during a field piece because they can't stand the silence, and they will fill it with the truth."

Watch Mandvi's full appearance below.