'ABBA the Movie' to sing in U.K. theaters

Universal Music movie to roll out digitally in August

LONDON -- Universal Music's 1970s tour documentary "ABBA the Movie" will screen in U.K. theaters for one night only in August, piggybacking on the international success of "Mamma Mia!"

The Lasse Hallstrom-directed docu about the famous Swedish foursome will roll out across the U.K. Film Council's sponsored network of digital screens, which includes 63 Cineworld venues.

And Universal is not ruling out future dates and screenings for the movie, which marks the digitally remastered version's U.K. cinema premiere.

Distributed by Arts Alliance Media, the movie also will rock 24 digital screens across Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Norway, Arts Alliance said.

"Mamma Mia!" has audiences dancing in the aisles here, taking more than 20 million pounds ($41 million) after three weeks of release in the U.K.