ABC adds duo to little 'Piggy' pilot


Kevin Rahm and Jeff Davis are set to star on ABC's comedy presentation "This Little Piggy," Dash Mihok will co-star on CBS' comedy pilot "The Fish Tank," Rob Huebel and Julio Oscar Mechoso have been added to Fox's Ben Stiller-directed comedy pilot "The Station," and Alison Brie has joined the cast of NBC's comedy pilot "Community."

ABC Studios' "Piggy" is about a man (Davis) and his sister who move in with their eldest brother (Rahm). Gersh and Forward rep Rahm; Davis is with Domain and Interlink.

Sony's "Fish" centers on a teenager (Drake Bell) living alone in his family's house. Mihok, repped by Gersh and Untitled, will play an offbeat neighbor.

20th TV's "Station" revolves around covert CIA operatives in South America, one of whom will be played by Mechoso. Huebel will play an assassin.

On Sony's "Community," set at a community college, Brie ("Mad Men") will play a student. (partialdiff)