ABC Entertainment Inks Distribution Deal for Gas Station Placement (Exclusive)

Jennifer Lawrence Jimmy Kimmel Live - H 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Jimmy Kimmel Live - H 2013

Targeting consumers at the pump, "The View," "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and more ABC content will screen on Outcast Media displays.

ABC Entertainment and Outcast Media announced Thursday that they have signed a deal to broadcast custom clips of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and other premium programming at gas station displays across the country.

Reaching 18,000 screens, the deal will also include footage from The View, The Chew and other ABC properties.

"The partnership with Outcast and ABC provides us the opportunity to become part of people's everyday life," said ABC Entertainment Group CMO and executive vp Marla Provencio. "By providing custom content to people on the go, we are engaging potential new viewers and fans alike with rich, entertaining ABC programming."

Outcast, a fast-growing television network that reaches on-the-go consumers with 33 million monthly viewers nationwide. The target audience of the initiative, the “ungettables,” are drivers who travel more than 8,000 miles each year by car and catch news, commercials and entertainment while filling up at the gas pump.