ABC Insider: Ben Sherwood 'Laughed Off' Video That Mocked Him

The source denies that it was made by staffers, saying, "the people who work here are much more talented and creative."

Ben Sherwood:The Movie from Roone Arledge on Vimeo.

ABC News chief Ben Sherwood is amused by the video making the rounds online Wednesday that accuses him of lying about his mother's illness while producing Good Morning America and using his wife's Hollywood connections to land his newest job.

"Ben laughed it off," a network insider tells The Hollywood Reporter. "In this age, in this business, these kinds of things are to be expected."

The insider jokes that it seemed unlikely the video was made by current staffers "given how poorly it was produced and how tenuous its relationship with the truth was."

"We think the people who work here are much more talented and creative," snipes the source, who also points out that the speech featured in the video was posted on the web Dec. 3, the day he was appointed president, giving anyone access to edit it. (David Westin stepped down in September after 13 years.)

Gawker reports the video was submitted by current and former ABC News staffers under the name of legendary former news chief Roone Arledge.