ABC News' Brian Ross Returning to Television for First Time After Suspension

Brian Coppola/Getty Images
Brian Ross

Ross, who was suspended last December, investigated a story that will air on '20/20' on Friday night.

Investigative reporter Brian Ross, who was suspended by ABC News for four weeks in December after bungling a major story, is returning to the air for the first time since his suspension on Friday night's episode of 20/20.

The episode will air a nationwide investigation into murders committed by individuals who had been mandated to wear ankle bracelets for monitoring at the time of the crimes.

"ABC News’ Brian Ross investigates the crimes and the failure of ankle bracelet monitoring to prevent them," the network said in a release about the episode. (A network spokeswoman confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the appearance will be Ross' first since the suspension.)

Ross received a four-week-long, unpaid suspension after a television report on potential collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign proved to be incorrect. "It is vital we get the story right and retain the trust we have built with our audience — these are our core principles," the network said at the time. "We fell far short of that yesterday."

Trump criticized Ross on Twitter, blaming him for a fluctuation in the stock market, and made him a target for conservative media. Ross had attributed the error to a varying account made by a confidant of onetime national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Ross returned to work at ABC News in early January, with a mandate to work on "long-term projects" and contribute to shows like 20/20.