ABC News' David Muir Reveals the Competing Show He's "Always" Watched (Video)

The anchor shared his feelings about many younger TV viewers getting their news from programs like the 'Daily Show.'

David Muir is weighing in on the competition.

The ABC World News Tonight anchor, who appears on The Hollywood Reporter's list of the 35 most powerful people in media, says he is going to miss Jon Stewart when he steps down from the Daily Show. He also isn't bitter that many young people use shows like Stewart's and Colbert Report to get their news. 

"If we can get people engaged in the world around them in any form, in any way, that's a positive thing, and hopefully we can get them to come to the news more," Muir said.

He also revealed the news source from another network that he has high praise for. 

"So we're going to do a promo for the other network?" Muir joked when asked for his choice, but then he opened up: "60 Minutes, I have to say. Always have watched and still do."

To find out which part of his job makes Muir the happiest, watch the video above, and find out who else made the list of the most powerful people in media here. The list first appeared in the April 24 issue.