ABC News Lands Interview With Recipient of Anthony Weiner Texts

Meagan Broussard Anthony Weiner Split 2011
ABC News

Meagan Broussard and Andrew Weiner

Young mom Meagan Broussard says she received sexually suggestive photos; says Weiner texted her, "You are not stalking me. I am stalking you."

ABC News has snagged the first interview with Meagan Broussard, one of the recipients of Congressman Anthony Weiner's sexually suggestive photos.

The story was posted online just after Weiner appeared in front of reporters Monday in New York to admit he lied about sending the photos over the Internet to various women.

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Broussard -- whom Weiner confirmed at his press conference was one of the women to whom he sent texts -- provided ABC News with "dozens of photos, e-mails, Facebook messages and cell phone call logs" that started in mid-April.

When the photo of Weiner's crotch showed up on his Twitter feed last week, the congressman initially denied he sent it, saying he'd been pranked.

"I just chuckled," Broussard, a 26-year-old nursing student, said of her reaction to Weiner's initial response. "It would be one thing if he came out and said, 'Hey, so what?' But now he's saying he got hacked?"

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On Monday, Wiener admitted he accidentally sent the image as a joke. Broussard said she received the same photo in an email from a man whom she then believed was Weiner.

She said she's never met Weiner in person and doesn't "think he's a bad guy. But she admitted to having taken part in risqué online chats with the man she believed to be Weiner, as she had with other men.

Broussard said she first made contact with Weiner on April 20 after she "liked" a YouTube clip of one of Weiner's speeches that had been posted to his Facebook page. Weiner then added her as a friend and they began chatting via Facebook.

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He would say "just good morning, how are you doing, what are you doing today? What are you wearing? What do you like? You know, in the bedroom, you know, that sort of thing," Broussard said.

During one chat, Broussard said she expressed concern over their relationship, and Weiner replied: "You are not stalking me. I am stalking you."

At one point, she asked the man to identify himself with a photo.

"I asked him to take a picture and write 'me' on it so I would know," Broussard said.

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Moments later, she received an email from, an address listed on one of Weiner's campaign documents. The picture included in the email shows a man who appears to be Wiener, according to ABC News.

"I didn't think it was him," Broussard said. "I thought for sure, 'Why would someone in that position be doing this?'"

He also sent other photos, including one under the subject line "Me and the pussys," which appears to show Weiner sitting on a sofa in an undershirt next to cats, and another showing a man's erect penis.

At one point, a man identifiying himself as Weiner called her and knew her 3-year-old daughter's name, which caught her by surprise since he had to look through her Facebook page to find it out.

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"I don't think he's a bad guy. I think he's got issues just like everybody else," Broussard said. "Everyone's standards are different, but to be elected to Congress and sit there all day on Facebook and chatting?"

She added that she came forward out of concerns for her daughter (she's a single mother) as well as her reputation.

"I have my own life, my own things where I'm from and I just wanted to go ahead with them. I thought I could just be private about it, but there's no reason for me to hide," she said. "I didn't do anything wrong. I don't know him. I'm just putting my story out there before anyone else tries to."