ABC orders 'Awkward Situations for Men'

Comedy pilot stars Brit Danny Wallace

ABC has handed out an early pilot order to "Awkward Situations for Men," a hybrid comedy starring popular British humorist/on-air personality Danny Wallace.

The project, from Warner Bros. TV and Heydaycq Films, is inspired by Wallace's upcoming book "Awkward Situations for Men" and follows him as he moves to the U.S. with his wife, only to discover that his everyday behavior clashes with American values and gets him into trouble.

Jeff and Jackie Filgo ("That '70s Show") penned the script for the pilot with Wallace.

The Filgos and David Heyman are executive producing, with Wallace co-executive producing.

Wallace has written several comedic books, mostly chronicling some of his unusual stunts, such as challenging fellow comedian Dave Gorman to find 54 other people called Dave Gorman ("Are You Dave Gorman?"), starting a cult ("Join Me"), spending six months saying yes where once he would have said no ("Yes Man") and tracking down school friends ("Friends Like This").

"Yes Man" was made into the 2008 movie starring Jim Carrey, and "Friends Like These" is in feature development.