ABC orders more 'Duel,' tweaks rules


ABC is bringing back its winter game show "Duel" next month.

The network has ordered 10 one-hour episodes to air Friday nights starting April 4.

"Duel" is a trivia show where contestants play head-to-head for a chance of winning up to $500,000. ESPN's Mike Greenberg will return as host.

Though the show performed modestly during its original six-episode airing, the series ran during the December holidays when audience levels are lower.

Executive producer Chris Cowan said some tweaks have been made to "Duel" to make the series' rules more intuitive and to jack up the suspense. Also, instead a serialized tournament format where contestants played for several episodes in hopes of winning the top prize, the new "Duel" episodes will be more self-contained.

"The tournament structure made it more difficult to just drop into the game," Cowan said. "Now this is a lot more exciting on a duel-by-duel basis. You also get a chance to double your money at the end."

Friday nights are shaping up to be a broadcast game show battleground, with NBC's "Amnesia" and CBS' "Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular" vying for viewers in recent weeks.