ABC Show Asked to Leave Connecticut Town Due to Disruptions

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Jason Kempin/Getty Images

UPDATE: However, a spokeswoman for ABC said they were not asked to move, but to change the subject for the "What Would You Do" episode.

While officials in one well-to-do U.S. town said they asked an ABC hidden-camera show to hit the road, an ABC spokeswoman said that wasn't actually the case.

Authorities in Greenwich, Conn., told the Greenwich Time that the filming of the show What Would You Do? is disruptive. They said they asked the film crew to choose another location for filming.

"We told them, 'You can't film here,' " Dustin Anderson, the executive assistant to First Selectman Peter Tesei, said.

Tesei said the show's crew was allowed to complete Tuesday's shoot but was asked to move elsewhere Wednesday.

The show, hosted by John Quinones, sets up morally difficult situations and secretly films people's reactions.

Town officials said having the show set up in front of stores has a negative impact on business, and Greenwich police added that one of the show's situations -- involving an intoxicated adult who needs to be driven by a child -- caused an alarmed resident to ask a store employee to call police.

Alyssa Apple, senior publicity director for ABC, later told the Greenwich Time that the show actually continued filming on Wednesday, the final day of filming. They were asked, however, to change the subject matter of the shoot. They were originally shooting a mock theft, but because of concerns about a recent armed robbery in the area, they switched to a new scenario involving a nanny abuse situation.