ABC TV inks Konner, Rushfield


"Help Me Help You" creators/executive producers Jenni Konner and Alexandra Rushfield have inked a rich blind two-script deal with ABC TV Studio.

Under the high six-figure pact, the duo will pen two projects, most likely a single-camera half-hour comedy and a comedic hour.

Multiple TV studios were seeking to land Konner and Rushfield, who opted for a two-script deal rather than an overall pact to accommodate their busy feature slate.

Konner and Rushfield said they had a "great experience" working with ABC executives on "Help Me" and that factored in their decision to go with the network's sister studio.

"We love the ABC TV Studio team," Rushfield said. "They have been very supportive and they make the shows that we love."

Added Konner, "We connected with them creatively."

But what ultimately sealed the deal? "The silver passes to Disneyland," Konner quipped.

Konner and Rushfield started off in features and made their first foray into TV to work on Judd Apatow's Fox comedy "Undeclared."

Two consecutive blind-script deals with Regency TV led to the 2005 Fox comedy pilot "Pool Guys" and "Help Me."

After working in the half-hour format for the past several years, Konner and Rushfield said they would love to also try a one-hour comedy, to "let scenes breathe a little more" and have more time to hit the emotional notes on the show.

On the feature side, Konner and Rushfield are working with Apatow on a project at Universal Pictures and are writing "BFF" at the Walt Disney Co. They also were the first to adapt the upcoming "Nanny Diaries" for the Weinstein Co.

Konner and Rushfield are repped by UTA and attorney Bryan Wolf.