, Yahoo! guide 'Lost' fans


Disney-ABC Television Group is set today to launch the "Lost Survivor Guide," an online special allowing "Lost" viewers to explore the lives of Oceanic Flight 815's survivors beyond the series.

Hosted by the show's executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and available now on and Yahoo! TV before Wednesday'sspring premiere, the online segment extends the show's characters by illustrating who and what they were before the crash and how the island has changed them. The "Lost" island also will be explored more in-depth, which might reveal additional secrets gleaned from events that have taken place.

In addition to the special, has made available all six of this season's previously aired episodes on its broadband player and added several features to its "Lost" site, including a video podcast featuring Lindelof and Cuse. Also on is a new component called "Writers' Rotation," showcasing favorite music and listening selections of members of the show's production team and an updated version of "Lost & Found," highlighting moments in upcoming episodes and excerpts from the official "Lost" magazine, updated games, photos and video clips.