How ABC's 'The Bachelor' Will Be Different Its 15th Season


Brad Womack will have 30 women competing for him (including one with fangs!) and says he finally falls in love.

Brad Womack may be starring in The Bachelor for the second time, but ABC swears the show's 15th season, premiering Monday night, will be different.

Womack will have 30 women competing for him, as compared to Jake Pavelka's 20 women and Ali Fedotwosky's 25. The reason for the extra women? To fill more time.

"We've added episodes and gone to two hours of late. It helps us fill some voids and make it more compelling," host Chris Harrison tells TV Guide.

One woman vying for a rose has fangs -- and freaks out Womack, according to Harrison.

"Everyone ... is going to be like, 'She has fangs! Of course you're going to let her go!'"  he says.

But Womack isn't quick to send her home. Of the teeth, he says, "She was very attached to them, both literally and figuratively."

He famously rejected both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft last time around, but the outcome will be different this time.

"I did find somebody, I did fall in love ... a true love story happened," Womack says.

Not everything this season will be switched up. Womack will frequently strip down to show off his body on camera.

"The rule with Brad is he could not have his shirt on more than 30 percent of the time," Harrison jokes. "It's an incredibly sexy season."