'Abduction's' Jason Isaacs Talks Sparring with Taylor Lautner: 'I Had My Work Cut Out for Me' (Video)

The actor, who stars in the upcoming NBC series "Awake," also reveals to THR his top Emmy pick.

While Taylor Lautner is already an accomplished martial artist off-screen, it's on-screen dad Jason Isaacs who shows him the ropes in Lionsgate's upcoming thriller, Abduction.

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"[Lautner is] phenomenally gifted when it comes to athletics and anything that involves physical coordination," Isaacs told The Hollywood Reporter at the film's premiere. "So I had my work cut out for me. I'm made to look like I'm training him how to fight and he, on the other hand, is someone who's done exhibitions at the world karate tournament. It was tough for me."

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Isaacs, who previously played the father of Draco Malfoy in the beloved Harry Potter franchise, admitted that he had initial reservations before meeting the Twilight actor on set.

"I'll confess that I was worried, because I worked with all those lovely Potter young actors," Isaacs explained. "They're very humble and courteous, and this is different. This is America. But he turned out to be very, very gracious and incredibly hard working."

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Isaacs can be seen on the big screen when Abduction hits theaters on Sept. 23. He will also star on the small screen this fall in NBC's Awake, slated for a midseason debut. When it comes to Emmys weekend, the actor will be pulling for one of his close friends and former co-stars.

"My friend Brían O'Byrne, who's in Brotherhood with me, he's nominated for best supporting actor for Mildred Pierce," Isaacs gushed. "He's actually a genius actor. I've not only worked with him, but I've seen everything he's ever done. If he doesn't win, it's a travesty."

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THR also spoke with director John Singleton and Lionsgate exec Joe Drake at the film's Thursday, Sept. 15 premiere. Drake confessed that the studio had hopes of turning Abduction into a franchise not unlike Universal's Bourne Identity, while Singleton predicted, "I think we're gonna get at least 2 or 3 movies out of this."