Big Screen Version of British TV cult comedy ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ In the Works

Joanna Lumley; Jennifer Saunders - Ab Fab Party - P - 1995
Dave Benett/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Co-creator Jennifer Saunders and co-star Joanna Lumley to star in movie version.

LONDON – Jennifer Saunders, the co-creator of the BBC award-winning series Absolutely Fabulous, has said she plans to make a big screen version of the TV show.

Saunders has set the Internet alight with reports that she is planning a movie version of the show, which returned to the small screen over the Christmas season on BBC to ratings success and a posititve critical reception.

The comedy show featuring Saunders as Eddy, her sidekick Patsy played by Joanna Lumley and copious amounts of champagne, aims to capitalize on the show’s long-running popularity.

First airing on BBC in 1992, the comedy about a fashionista PR and her hard-drinking, smoking sidekick has scored numerous awards including a best comedy show BAFTA in 1993 and an Emmy for best popular arts program the following year.

This year’s Christmas special, penned by Saunders, marked the show’s return to the small screen after an absence of six years.

The Christmas special garnered around nine million viewers with another episode to air on New Year’s Day.

According to reports, Saunders said she is “definitely going to do” a movie version.

“I’m aiming to shoot this in a beautiful part of the Riviera. I fancy the south of France in the spring,” Saunders said.

There is another Ab Fab TV outing planned for 2012, with a storyline set around the Olympics.