Abu Dhabi 2012: 'The Last Stand' Foley Supervisor Shoots Down Hollywood Sound Expert Claim

"The Last Stand"

Lionsgate has set a Jan. 18 release date.

Gary Hacker denies that work on the Arnold Schwarzenegger film was rushed, as Michael Broomberg previously suggested.

ABU DHABI – Gary Hacker, supervising Foley artist on the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie The Last Stand, has slapped down fellow sound worker Michael Broomberg for publicly suggesting that sound post-production on the Lionsgate film was hurried.

Broomberg, a Hollywood sound artist whose studio work includes War of the Worlds and Watchmen, told an Abu Dhabi Film Festival panel audience that shrinking sound budgets for independent films was “madness.” During his Masterclass, he said that independent producers never earmark enough money for Foley work. Broomberg added that he had just eight days to do Foley work on The Last Stand, “a big action film with lots of guns and explosions.”

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However, one source close to the production said that the Foley schedule for The Last Stand was more extensive than Broomberg realized. Foley work lasted much longer than eight days.

Countered Hacker: “Broomberg was brought in to provide four days of Foley services as a temporary replacement. As such, he is unaware of the totality of the scope of the work performed for this project.”

For his part, Broomberg has completely retracted what he said publicly in Abu Dhabi. Broomberg said that he regretted making a series of “grossly inaccurate representations” about The Last Stand during his Masterclass.

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“I particularly regret that I misrepresented myself and the film based on assumptions I now know to be faulty regarding the scope of work performed prior to my arrival and following my departure from the project,” Broomberg said in his mea culpa.

Hacker added: “I am proud of the work we performed on The Last Stand ... I am completely confident in our ability to provide top-quality Foley services to all our clients.”