Academy Awards Preview


THR's in-depth look at the 81st Academy Awards, including the relationship between the economy and Oscar, profiling a vote counter, a rundown of the parties and an Oscar quiz.

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Even in a recession, Oscar is pumping money into the economy -- more than $100 million, one insider says: Show Me the Money

Awards Season by the Numbers

The Academy has made a huge commitment to building a new museum in Hollywood, but fundraising and permitting are stalled: Building Block

Rick Rosas is one of the pair of accountants for PricewaterhouseCoopers that dutifully tabulates the Oscar votes: The Man Who Loves Numbers

Martin Vega's hands literally give life to each golden man: Statue of Limitations

Test your awards season knowledge: Oscar quiz

Where the best soirees in town can be found this Academy Awards weekend: Party Time

The latest looks sure to make a scene on the red carpet: Fashion Frenzy (PDF download)

Select your 2009 Oscar winners: Oscar ballot (PDF download)


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