Academy Launches Filmmaking Digital Series (Video)

The documentary style video series will feature comedian Patton Oswalt, director Tina Gordon Chism and others.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has launched a digital series to explore the filmmaking process, important movie moments and up-and-coming artists.

Academy Originals launches Monday with three documentary-style episodes. New episodes of the series, produced by the Academy's in-house digital team, will become available on the website and YouTube every Monday. 

Let's Go to the Movies with Patton Oswalt follows as the comedian is given the opportunity to screen any film in the Academy Film Archive. He chooses to watch noir classic Blast of Silence with fellow comedian Karen Kilgariff

Not Much to See: How the Blind Enjoy Movies looks at the impact of movies on people who can't see. Screenwriter-director Tina Gordon Chism explores the ideation process with viewers through Creative Spark: Tina Gordon Chism.

"Our membership represents the most creative minds and talented storytellers in the world -- professionals with incredible expertise to share," said Josh Spector, the Academy’s managing director of digital media and marketing. "Academy Originals will serve as a platform to share that perspective with the world and to tell stories nobody else is telling."

Academy members including Kathleen Kennedy, Paul Haggis, Phil Tippett, Mike White and Ava DuVernay will appear in upcoming Academy Originals, which will cover topics that range from Jurassic Park to the Inner-City Filmmakers program.   

Let's Go to the Movies with Patton  Oswalt


Not Much to See: How the Blind Enjoy Movies


Creative Spark: Tina Gordon Chism