Academy picks Sci-Tech finalists


Fifteen scientific and technical achievements are under consideration for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences annual Sci-Tech Awards, which will be presented Feb. 9 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

The deadline to submit additional entries is Sept. 20. The Sci-Tech Awards committee will meet in early December to vote on recommendations to the Academy's board of governors, which will make the final awards decisions.

The achievements being considered are Prosthetic Transfer, Tinsley Transfers; Stunt Fire Safety Gel, Fire for Hire; Pressure Sensor Actuator, Precision Stunt Specialists; Tiny Fogger, Look Solutions; Schneider 35mm Image Quality Projection Test Film (CLT-1, CLT-2000, CLT-006), Schneider Optics; Kodak Vision2 Color Negative Films, Eastman Kodak Co.; Diagnosis and Remediation of High Speed Emulsion Stress Syndrome, Composite Components Co.; Joker-Bug -- Compact Versatile HMI Lighting Fixtures, K 5600; Realflow (V.4), Next Limit Technologies; Industrial Light + Magic Water System, ILM; FSIM-Fluid Simulation Pipeline at Digital Domain, Digital Domain; the Sandstorm Software System, Sony Pictures Imageworks; Houdini's Unified Dynamics Simulation Environments (DOPS), Side Effects Software; Technicolor Digital Printer Lights, Technicolor; and Skater Dolly Products Family, P+S Technik.