AccessIT readies 3-D theater broadcasts

Rolls out technology to show live sports, concerts

3-D deployer Access Integrated Technologies is beginning a rollout of technology designed to enable the live broadcast to movie theaters of such events as sports and concerts in 2-D and 3-D formats. The move underscores a growing interest in this alternative content possibility.

Deployment is set to begin immediately on the first 50 CineLive systems, which will include installation in key markets including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Access IT expects to have at least 150 in place by year's end.

AccessIT's alternative content division, the Bigger Picture, is expected to manage the distribution of many of the 2-D and 3-D live events enabled by the network. Bigger Picture president Jonathan Dern expects the first live broadcast to the theaters to occur before the end of the summer.

"It is very clear that 3-D is here to stay. We believe the public will be very excited about being able to see really great live events in 3-D," Dern said.

CineLive has been developed in conjunction with International Datacasting Corp. and Sensio Technologies under an exclusive domestic license agreement with AccessIT. It is designed to work with AccessIT's satellite network and digital-cinema systems equipped with 3-D technology. Deployment will therefore begin with auditoriums that already are set up for digital cinema via AccessIT's 3700-screen Phase 1 deployment plan.

AccessIT intends to expand its CineLive network to include its Phase 2 digital-cinema deployment this summer.