ACE cuts loose at Edit Fest

Debut event focused on art and business of editing

Film editors discussed the impact of firm release dates and tight production schedules on the creative filmmaking process this weekend during the American Cinema Editors' sold-out Edit Fest.

The debut event, held Friday and Saturday at multiple Los Angeles-area locations, informed attendees about the art and business of editing, focusing on the special challenges of editing blockbusters, comedy, animation and TV. It also offered career advice.

During the session on blockbusters, editor Mark Helfrich ("X-Men: The Last Stand") addressed schedules, saying, "It seems that they give you less time to hone and really edit the movie.

"Usually they set a release date, and that is in stone," he said. "You have to make that release date. It's a race against the clock to get all the visual effects done by that date."

Multiple speakers commented that because of this situation, films go out before they are really "finished."

Said editor Mark Goldblatt ("True Lies"), "It's an unfortunate thing, but it's driven by economic realities, and I doubt that is going to change."