Actor suffers eye injury on London stage

Report: David Birrell hurt by faulty prop gun

Stephen Sondheim’s musical “Passion” in London’s West End was suspended this weekend after actor David Birrell sustained a serious eye injury during a matinee performance on Saturday, the Telegraph reported.

Birrell, who had TV roles in “Coronation Street” and “Midsummer Murders,” among others, was part of a scene, in which his character challenged another to a duel. According to the paper, there was a fault with the gun used on stage, which was meant to fire blanks, but instead hurt the 35-year-old actor.

He was rushed from the Donmar Warehouse theater to a hospital. The theater does not use understudies, so there was no immediate replacement.

A Donmar spokesman told the Telegraph that the actor had indeed suffered an eye injury, but said details were still under investigation. The spokesman confirmed that all performances were cancelled until at least Wednesday and that patrons would be refunded.
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