Actors collar 'Terriers' roles

'True Blood' alum among cast of FX pilot

Michael Raymond James is set to star opposite Donal Logue in "Terriers," FX's hourlong comedy pilot from "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan and "Ocean's Eleven" writer Ted Griffin.

Kimberly Quinn, Laura Allen and Rockmond Dunbar round out the cast of the pilot, developed by Griffin and Ryan and created and written by Griffin. "Hustle & Flow" helmer Craig Brewer has signed to direct.

The Fox21-produced "Terriers" centers on Hank (Logue), an ex-cop who partners with his best friend Britt (James) to launch an unlicensed P.I. business in which the duo, both with maturity issues, solve crimes while trying to avoid danger and responsibility. The show will combine stand-alone episodes with overarching mystery.

Quinn will play Hank's ex-wife, who maintains a friendly relationship with him. Allen will play Britt's girlfriend, who's putting pressure on him to have kids.

Dunbar will play Hank's former partner, a detective with the San Diego Police Department.

After casting Logue first, the "Terriers" producers had been searching for the right actor to play his partner. The search ended after a chemistry read Tuesday between Logue and James, who was recommended for the role by his "Black Snake Moan" director Brewer.

"Griffin's dialogue is so unique, and when I heard the two of them read together, the words came out the way I imagined they would," said Ryan, who also serves as an exec producer/showrunner on Fox's "Lie to Me."

After he met with James, Ryan realized that he had just signed off for the actor to guest star on the season premiere of "Lie."

James, who co-starred on the first season of "True Blood," is repped by TalentWorks and Sanders Armstrong Caserta. Allen ("Dirt") is repped by Gersh and Impression. "Prison Break" alum Dunbar, repped by Fortitude, also recently appeared in "The Family That Prays."