Actors' Equity President Calls 'Spider-Man' Injuries 'Maddening' and 'Infuriating'

Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

Nick Wyman says he does not appreciate people who have 'turned their fury' against the union due to production's mishaps

Actors' Equity President Nick Wyman says he was "disturbed and distraught" by the stage accident on Dec. 20 which left actor Chris Tierney seriously injured.

Because Tierney is the fourth actor injured in the troubled production of 'Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark', it's a situation Wyman called  "frustrating and maddening and, to some, infuriating."

In a Facebook post Saturday, Wyman urged critics not to take issue with the actors union for the Broadway production which has been plagued with problems. Wyman insists that the union has done its due diligence to protect the actors.

"Our staff spent so much time at the Foxwoods Theatre during rehearsals, I’m surprised the producers didn’t charge them rent," wrote Wyman.  

"I have no idea how many potential problems staff cleared up or how many accidents-in-waiting they forestalled," he added. "I just know they were and are a powerful force for our protection and without them, the news from the Foxwoods Theater might have been much worse."

On Thursday, Tierney moved from the ICU at a New York Hospital to inpatient rehab following the injuries he received from the 'Spider-Man' stage fall.

Wyman said he was in touch with Tierney by phone and email. "Chris is a study in toughness and grace," he wrote.