Actress in 'Spider-Man' Musical Suffers Concussion

An actress in the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Broadway musical is out of commission until at least Tuesday after suffering a concussion during a preview performance Sunday night. According to the New York Times, Natalie Mendoza was standing off stage when either a heavy rope made of reinforced materials or the equipment attached to the rope hit her in the head.

Mendoza, who plays the character Arachne, did not tell the production about her injury until Tuesday. She performed again during Wednesday night's preview but fell ill Thursday and has been replaced by her understudy until she recovers from the injury.

Mendoza is the third actor to be hurt working on the Julie Taymor-directed musical, as it involves many complex aerial stunts. The production has also been plagued with technical issues and at $65 million and counting, is the most expensive Broadway show in history.