Adam Bram, Production Attorney in Hollywood, Dies at 49

Steve Kozak
Adam Bram

He worked for Paramount Pictures, Leftfield Pictures and Cheri Sundae Productions.

Adam Bram, a veteran production attorney who worked for Paramount, Leftfield Pictures and Cheri Sundae Productions, has died. He was 49.

Bram died July 6 of a heart attack in Los Angeles, family spokesman Steven Kozak told The Hollywood Reporter.

In 1995, Bram was a senior attorney managing Paramount Domestic Television’s legal and business affairs and serving as the on-site production attorney for Hard Copy, the studio’s tabloid series.

When Hard Copy aired a report that alleged that Michael Jackson had been videotaped in an illicit sexual encounter with a young boy, the pop star filed a $100 million slander lawsuit against the studio and others. Bram helped coordinate Paramount’s defense, and the studio wound up being dismissed from the suit on First Amendment grounds.

He exited Paramount in 1999 to become a senior vp at the home video company Real Entertainment, overseeing its legal affairs.


In 2004, Bram started his own firm, providing outside general counsel for the likes of Bertram van Munster’s Worldrace Productions (The Amazing Race), Peleton Entertainment (Hoarders) and the film company WonderStar Productions.

In recent years, he worked as production attorney for the reality TV outfits Leftfield Pictures (Pawn Stars) and Cheri Sundae Productions (Bad Dog!).

Born and raised in Weymouth, Mass., Bram attended UC Berkeley and then received his Juris Doctor degree from UCLA’s School of Law. He began his entertainment law career representing major TV and motion picture studios for two prominent Los Angeles firms.

Bram recently was appointed an advisory board member for the Association of Media Content Users & Providers.

Survivors include his daughter, Penelope

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