Adam Carolla Announces Cast for Crowd-Funded Film 'Road Hard'

Adam Carolla

Carolla is hoping to raise $1 million through a FundAnything campaign for the film, which follows the life of a touring comedian.

Adam Carolla already has gone in an unorthodox direction to get his film, Road Hard, made. He recently launched a FundAnything campaign and a video featuring Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston in hopes of raising $1 million to get his film made.

So, instead of sending out a press release announcing the cast, Carolla threw a press conference in Los Angeles.

At the intimate event, which was streamed online, Carolla announced that Illeana Douglas, Diane Farr, David Alan Grier and Larry Miller have been cast in the film, which will star Carolla as a touring comedian who has a complicated personal life.

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The cast all appeared at the event, sharing their own stories from the road as comedians, and joking with Carolla that they have yet to see the script for Road Hard.

In Road Hard, which will be co-written by Carolla and Kevin Hench, Carolla's character is divorced but still living in his ex-wife's (Douglas) guest house. Farr will play a love interest for Carolla's character, while Grier will play a fellow comedian and Miller will play his agent.

"The movie is somewhat cathartic, as my last movie, The Hammer, was. 'Go for what you know' has always sort of been a motto of mine," Carolla said at the press event.

Donald Trump, who backs FundAnything, was mentioned as a possible guest at the press event, but only appeared in a video at the beginning of the event.

Carolla, who co-wrote 2007's The Hammer with Hench, already has raised nearly $400,000 of his $1 million goal for Road Hard. Carolla and Hench, who will co-direct Road Hard, are hoping to begin production in late 2013 for a 2014 release.