Adam Carolla gets in 'Top Gear'

Joins presenters Tanner Foust, Eric Stromer

NBC announced Monday morning what listeners to Adam Carolla's radio show have known for a while: The comedian will host the broadcaster's adaptation of the BBC's "Top Gear."

Carolla will join drift racer Tanner Foust and TV construction guru Eric Stromer as the show's presenters. "Gear" targets auto enthusiasts and mixes racing, stunts, challenges and celebrity guests.

NBC announced the show as a pilot in the winter, but the project has not yet been added to the network's year-round schedule, which was unveiled in May. The network sees "Gear" as potentially attracting lucrative automotive advertising, having previously made high-profile product-placement deals with automakers such as Nissan ("Heroes"), GM ("My Own Worst Enemy"), Ford ("Knight Rider") and Honda ("Last Comic Standing").

"This franchise is a proven winner worldwide and the hosting team of Adam, Tanner and Eric that we have brought together for the U.S. version offers a perfect match of humor, insider know-how and priceless track experience," said Craig Plestis, executive vp alternative programming at NBC. "We are going to create a high-powered show that, like the original, will keep viewers in every demographic clutching the edge of their seats."

The original "Gear" premiered in 1977 and is BBC 2's most-watched program in the U.K. The show is broadcast in more than 100 countries and has been airing on BBC America since 2007.