Comics Bash Adam Carolla for Saying Women Not as Funny as Men

Adam Carolla
Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

"The Adam Carolla Show" draws 1 million listeners each week.

After the comedian said women are "always the least funny on the writing staff,” "Big Bang Theory" star John Ross Bowie tweeted: “Adam Carolla saying women aren't funny is like cancer saying women aren't funny.”

Adam Carolla is taking heat for saying women are not as funny as men, comments that may have gone over better had he not been the former co-host of a show in which buxom women jumped on a trampoline.

“They’re always the least funny on the writing staff,” Carolla said of working with women in an interview with the New York Post. “The reason why you know more funny dudes than funny chicks is that dudes are funnier than chicks.”

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Now a number of comics are rejecting Carolla’s assertion, using -- what else? -- comedy to put their colleague in his place.

The Big Bang Theory star John Ross Bowie tweeted: “Adam Carolla saying women aren't funny is like cancer saying women aren't funny.”

SNL writer Alex Baze used Carolla’s own logic to craft a diss worthy of a philosophy professor: “‘I am a woman.’ -Adam Carolla.”

Upright Citizens Brigade alumna Selena Coppock declared: “Adam Carolla hasn't gotten this much press since his last big CAREER HIGH, which was being on Dancing With The Stars.”

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Jamie Denbo, co-creator of the successful UCB theater show Ronna & Beverly, tweeted that Carolla should be president (of Sudan). 

Eli Yudin, known for running a popular Tilda Swinton parody Twitter account, asked “What's Adam Carolla gonna do next, host a show where women in bikinis jump on trampolines?”

Carolla, who co-hosted Comedy Central’s The Man Show from 1999-2003, has just released a book about his life called Not Taco Bell Material.