Grammys: Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani Perform "My Heart Is Open"

The Voice Adam Levine H 2014.jpg
Tyler Golden/NBC

The Voice Adam Levine H 2014.jpg

It's a 'Voice' reunion.

Two of last season's The Voice judges have reunited at the Grammys, with Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani teaming up for Maroon 5's "My Heart Is Open," featuring Stefani, off the group's latest album, V.

Ryan Seacrest introduced the pair, joking that he had "a feeling they've worked together before."

The performance opened on Levine, before bringing Stefani, wearing a dramatic red dress with her signature red lips, into the shot. The two were backed by diagonal lights that illuminated during the chorus, as well as a fairly sizable orchestra featuring violins and a piano.

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The emotional, somber track was co-written by Sia. Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine previously told Billboard that No Doubt influenced the early incarnation of Maroon 5, Kara's Flowers.

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"It's cool for all of us to have [Stefani] on the record," Valentine said. "And Adam won't shut up about how cool she is as a person. A lot of times when you meet your idols it's a letdown, but it's the opposite case with Gwen, apparently."