Missing: Adam Levine's Luscious Locks

Adam Levine

Have you seen this mane?

Dear America,

On behalf of the concerned community of Adam Levine fans, we are asking for citizens to keep an eye out for a missing mane — one that is dearly missed.

During Monday’s episode of The Voice, Levine arrived on set baring a bold bald head, causing an Internet uproar (and a handful of fantastic memes). But despite the momentary hilarity of the Patrick Stewart and Britney Spears circa 2007 comparisons, the severity of the situation cannot be overlooked. Please, do help.

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Description: Luscious, thick brown hair with a slight wave. Appears touchably soft — excellent for running fingers through.

Last Seen: On singer and The Voice coach Levine’s head (also in my dreams).

Reward: The eternal gratitude of thousands of American women.

Even Levine himself seems to be confused by the chaos he has caused. On Twitter, the singer compared himself to Superman villain Lex Luthor — as if their similarity was a positive thing. Clearly, Adam needs our help.